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When Life handed them lemons, they moved back home with their parents.

"It's like Curb Your Enthusiasm for unsuccessful people"
- Ron Valderrama - C.E.O. Stream Now TV

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Episode 1

When three millennials have no choice but to move back home with their parents, they realize a lot has changed since they’ve been away.

Episode 2
"Dinner With The Family"

Justin tries to get his mother to stop dating Jared, while Jen grieves over her ex-fiancee.  

Episode 3

"Football and Internet Dating"

Ron and Justin challenge some kids in football while Jen goes on a slew of internet dates.

Episode 4
"Murder Mystery"

While Jen's parents are away, she decides to throw a murder mystery party to introduce her new boyfriend.

Episode 5

"Gambling, Gambling, Gambling" 

Ron's gambling debts cause him to work up a few schemes in order to raise some money while Jen starts dating a much older man. 

Episode 6

"High School Theft" 

The gang witnesses a teenager stealing from a school, then take matters into their own hands.

Episode 7

"Media Frenzy" 

After finding themselves in some trouble, the gang tries to create a news story in order to save their social status in the community.