"It's like Curb Your Enthusiasm for unsuccessful people"
- Ron Valderrama - C.E.O. Stream Now TV

Welcome Home

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Ron, Justin, and Jen are old high school pals who find themselves living back in their same hometown in upstate New York. It’s not their first choice, but life tends to throw curveballs you’re unable to hit. We’ve all been there. The sitcom revolves around the never-ending effort of the three of them trying to better their lives and regain their status level in their home town. 


Justin is a failed copywriter who’s forced to sell his apartment in Brooklyn and move back with his widowed mother, Janet. Upon the return to his childhood home, he’s greeted by his shirtless childhood babysitter, Jared, who’s now dating his mother. Justin just wants to get back on his feet and the hell out of this town as well as for Jared to put a damn shirt on.


Ron lives with his younger brother, Bobby and Bobby’s wife Andrea. Ron and Bobby’s parents have been deceased for a few years, leaving the house to Bobby as he was considered the more responsible and successful one. Unfortunately for Ron, Bobby and Andrea made him agree to live in the garage so that they can enjoy their alone time. Ron just wants to move out of the garage and into the main house, chase loose women, and relive his glory days as a star football player in high school. 


Jen has been living at home with her parents and alzheimer’s stricken grandmother in order to save money for the wedding and house she plans on building with her fiancé, Chris. When Chris stands her up on their wedding day, Jen’s life get’s flipped upside down. Jen just wants to get out of her controlling parents house, find a new man who’s not an asshole, and for her grandmother to remember to take her diaper off before showering.


Janet is Justin's mother. She's recently widowed and back on the market. She's a sweet woman who works in real estate and loves her son. Did we mention she's been sleeping with the guy who used to date her son's babysitter?


Jared's a tofu eating, yoga loving forty-year-old who's been shacking up with Justin's mom, Janet. He tries his ass off to win over Justin's approval but Justin wants nothing to do with him and constantly tries to end their relationship.


Bobby is Ron's younger brother. Though you wouldn't know it due to how much more responsible he is. He has a feisty wife named Andrea, who together have a newborn child. For the most part, Andrea has him by the balls and Bobby seems to be OK with that... We think.


Andrea hates Ron. That is all you need to know.


Gloria is Jen's Mother. She's the glue that holds the crazy family together. She has the patience of a saint and it's a good thing because otherwise there would be a constant war inside of the house.


Andrew is Jen's dad and Gloria's husband. He's stuck with three women in the house, one of which has Alzheimers and is his mother-in-law. Needless to say, Andrew lives a tough life often having to bite his tongue when he wants to voice his opinions.


Grandma is well... Jen's grandmother. She's a sweet old lady who unfortunately has Alzheimers. She lives with Jen and her Daughter and son-in-law. She's a bit of a handful for the family, but non-the-less they love her with all their heart, even though they want to strangle her sometimes.

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