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Welcome Home

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We had the pleasure of having our first guest blog written by Chelsea Briche. Chelsea is a Millennial lifestyle blogger who currently lives is Los Angeles. Learn more about Chelsea by visiting her blog The Millennial Miss or follow her on instagram @milllennialmiss and twitter @cbriche

Tips For Moving Back Home

Whether it be financial struggles, a breakup that has left you in shambles or the job hunt is not in your favor sometimes life only leaves you with one option: moving back in with your parents. Even though it may seem like one of the most unbearable things in the world, I promise you it’s not. As a proud survivor, I would like to pass onto you my top 5 tips that will help you keep your sanity when moving back in with your parents.

1. Save The Date

Before stepping foot back into your parent’s home, have an exit strategy in place. Setting an end date or a specific goal will keep you motivated to see the finish line and will aid in not falling back into your comfort zone.

2. Set Expectations

All family dynamics are different however I do recommend having some form of agreement in place between you and your parents. Will you be responsible for paying the utility bills? Will your mother expect you to pitch in for groceries? Are you comfortable with having a curfew again? Spelling everything out before hand will make the transition run smooth and will help keep the balance of you being back under their roof while maintaining your independence.

3. Don’t Be a Total Mooch

Look, I get it. Having your moms cooking and clean laundry at your service is a daydream come true however, life isn’t a fairytale. Do your part by pitching in around the house and don’t expect your parents to constantly clean up your mess, you aren’t 5 years old anymore. Your parents are doing a loving favor by opening their doors to you, the least you could do is wash the dishes or take out the trash. If you are looking for a full time job, work a part time job. If you are in fact working, don’t get in the habit of asking your parents for extra cash. The point of moving back home is to get on your feet so do your best to not get wrapped up in taking steps backward. The bottom line: don’t be a move in mooch.

4. Quality Time

It may sound crazy but there will come a time where you would do just about anything to be able to see your parents everyday - cherish your time together while you can. Moving back home does not need to have a lingering negative aura attached to it, you’re still allowed to have fun! Take this as an opportunity to bond with your family and create new memories.

5. Eye on The Prize

Work towards achieving your goals, quickly. The sooner you are back on your path with money in your pocket the sooner you can be back out in the world enjoying life on your own terms. Your twenties are supposed to be a time in life where you flourish and have fun, do whatever it takes to make sure you reach your exit date. You did not move back home to sit on the couch and drink beer and eat chips at 10AM on a Tuesday. Get your butt up and into high gear so you can enjoy and flourish in life as a twenty something!

Good luck my friends! Make the best of this bump in the road. 

-Chelsea Briche